Learning-by-Doing is a philosophy of practical learning that characterizes Zamorano. For three years, the students rotate through all the modules of the value chain, and in their fourth year they participate in a Specialized Learning-by-Doing program according to their career.

Today Zamorano is a one-of-a-kind university in its field, capable of providing young people with more than a quality academic formation obtained from theory taught by experienced teachers in the classroom. Our university has a great advantage that other universities do not have – our Learning-by-Doing philosophy.

This philosophy with its different modules provides our students with an organized learning experience of skills and abilities, based on solid scientific and business knowledge, which has been continuously streamlined by our institution over the decades.

This system also permits students to integrate knowledge and resolve problems in different professional environments that reflect real world situations; in addition we foster in our students values, such as a sense of responsibility, discipline and the work ethic. In order to develop this knowledge and these skills, we have 13 University Enterprises equipped with the adequate equipment and installations so that our students can put into practice the knowledge they have acquired in the classroom. There are ample areas of primary production, agroindustrial transformation plants and a commercialization center with the support of modern analytical, research and new product development laboratories, all under the guidance and supervision of qualified professors and instructors.

In the students’ fourth year the Learning-by-Doing experience also involves an internship at a prestigious university or in any kind of business. The Zamoranos’ prior practical experience places them at an advantage over interns from other universities. Their supervisors praise their impressive conduct and their ability to face complicated challenges in spite of being so young. The internship experience also facilitates students’ insertion into the labor market; many of our students have received regular employment as a result of their superior performance during their internships, all thanks to Learning-by-Doing.

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