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Dr. Juan Carlos Rosas was invited by the Legume Innovation Lab Program to participate in the Joint Pan African Grain Legume and World Cowpea Conference held recently in Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Zambia.

Dr. Rosas participated as a conference speaker, the author of two posters in which he presented progress on bean tolerance to high temperatures and their adaptation to soils of low fertility, and co-author of two additional posters. He also met with donor members such as USAID, the Grain Legume Program and other institutions.

This event celebrated the International Year of Pulses. “Globally, many institutions involved in research, dissemination and nutrition related to these food products are focused on conducting a series of events to celebrate the International Year of Pulses,” said Dr. Roses.

Among more than 500 participants from around the world were Zamorano graduates, Dr. Byron Reyes (Class 2002), Ana Vargas (Class 2007) and Luz Maria Montejo (Class 2013) who completed their special graduation projects with Dr. Roses.  Dr. Reyes and Ms. Vargas were also research assistants of the Bean Research Program.  Dr. Reyes is currently working with CIAT at its headquarters in Nicaragua, and Ms. Vargas and Ms. Montejo are pursuing Master’s degrees at the University of Puerto Rico and North Dakota State University, respectively.

Dr. Roses is internationally recognized for his contributions to research on grain legumes and the support of farmers in Central America. He has a long history as a plant breeder, especially beans, and is an example of the quality of teachers at ZAMORANO. With its work, ZAMORANO helps feed the world.

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