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The Consul of Ecuador in Honduras, Dr. Carlos Samaniego, met with Ecuadorian students on campus to express his full support, especially to those whose relatives were affected by the earthquake that happened in Ecuador on Saturday, 16 April.

The Consul said that it is a very hard moment they are going through. “My presence here is to show solidarity between Ecuadorian brothers and acknowledge the help and solidarity of our Honduran brothers. The Embassy of Ecuador in Honduras has received donations, we have sent aid, and the Honduran government has sent volunteers to our country.  I want to know if any of you family has been affected, I want to hear about the situation they are going through and collect those concerns to look for a quick solution,” said the Consul.

The students expressed their needs and asked the Consul to personally declare to the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, the need to continue supporting them in order to continue their studies at ZAMORANO.  Some students unfortunately lost relatives and other material goods.  The Consul said that the needs of students will reach the Ecuadorian government.

ZAMORANO has rallied strongly with the Ecuadorians, especially with students, and conducts fund raising activities to help students and their affected families.

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