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Project Management Official

oportunidad-laboral copia

Zamorano University has opened a search for the position of Project Management

Official. The selected candidate will assume his/her responsibilities in September of 2019.

About Zamorano

Founded in 1942, Zamorano is a private, non-profit, international university specialized in agricultural production, sustainable management of natural resources and the environment, rural transformation for the reduction of poverty, and improvement of global competitiveness in agribusiness. Zamorano alumni work in agricultural production, agribusiness, food science, conservation, government, and academic areas. The university is located in Honduras, in the Yeguare Valley, Department of Francisco Morazán, where it is classified as an international mission and recognized by the Council for Higher Education. Likewise, in the United States of America it is registered as a non-profit organization.

Zamorano offers four academic programs: Agricultural Sciences and Production, Agribusiness Management, Food Science and Technology, and Environment and Development. Its educational program emphasizes on academic excellence, character formation, and practical agricultural experience through its Learning by Doing model.

Project Management Official

Job profile

The ideal candidate will be responsible for directing all supporting processes for establishing and developing inter-institutional alliances that will strengthen the university. Also, he/she will be in charge of reaching, negotiating, implementing, monitoring and reporting on agreements and contracts regarding funding for scholarships, infrastructure, applied research, outreach activities, and programs and projects for institutional strengthening.


  • Establish and strengthen alliances or consortia with institutions, organizations, and companies with whom we share a common vision and complementary competences. Such partners include central and local governments (ministries and municipalities), NGO´S, grassroots organizations, universities, international projects, consulting groups, the private sector, and etc.
  • Provide support to academic and administration departments so they may manage current administrative and technical initiatives on applied research, outreach, infrastructure, and general institutional strengthening, in order to optimize academic, financial, branding, and reputation benefits, among others.
  • Explore, analyze, and present to the corresponding departments, recommendations about opportunities in new research, outreach, and institutional strengthening initiatives launched or offered by bilateral and multilateral cooperative agencies, foundations, the private sector, and etc.
  • Provide adequate support to Institutional Advancement, the president’s office, the academic dean’s office, and academic departments for the initial management of new programs and projects, on applied research, outreach, and institutional strengthening, among others. This role or intervention will adjust to the circumstances and the nature of each project. It includes promoting and forging the integration of capacities among the departments and centers, and participating in the management of the Zamorano Committee for Outreach and Research. All this, to develop and implement a comprehensive and coherent strategy for achieving, maintaining, and developing alliances with corporate donors, individuals, foundations, governments, bilateral and multilateral cooperative agencies, and implementing partners, (contractors, universities, NGO´s, consulting firms, etc.) to help fulfill Zamorano´s mission.
  • Forge the integration of the technical and managerial capacities of the Zamorano departments and centers that have a proactive role in project implementation, by developing activities that allow the adaptation of resources to project needs. 
  • Lead or support academic departments (as the case may be) in the preparation of proposals for programs and projects for applied research, outreach, and institutional strengthening funded by public and private collaborators (bilateral and multilateral). It includes preparation and delivery of related documents such as: support and association letters, the ”Teaming Agreement,” institutional information, comments on bids and proposals, strategy descriptions, technical team composition and assignations, curricula vitae of participants, personnel schedule, work plan, personnel salaries and benefits, budgets and descriptions (justification), institutional annexes, negotiation of agreements or contracts.
  • Ensure that the correct and prompt procedure is followed during all stages of contract and agreement procurement. In line with current policies, this includes the adequate formulation of project proposals and budgets for the duly revision and approval by the university’s officers —applying Authorization Sheet “A”— until the document is signed by both parties and under legal counsel review.
  • Prepare, store in digital and printed files, and broadcast among the academic departments and collaborators, institutional information as well as information about trajectories and technical and technological proficiencies in agriculture and environment. The purpose is to spread knowledge and make information available for project and program management use, including new and less known capacities such as food safety, product quality and innovation (agro-industry), natural resource/water management, renewable energy, MSMEs, etc. Shared responsibility with the Marketing, Image, and Communications Department.
  • Create a communication strategy aimed at collaborators, the media, and the community on the achievements and impacts regarding the implementation and successful completion of projects of the academic departments. The information to deliver is additional to the one provided during the agreement negotiation process. Shared responsibility with the Marketing, Image and Communications Department.
  • Ensure that the office keeps a detailed record of initiatives, letters of understanding, proposals, agreements, and contracts (undergoing negotiations, implemented, completed). Keep an archive with agreement and contract models /templates.
  • Ensure that the office implements a satisfactory monitoring and control system of information regarding agreements and contracts.
  • USAID projects and American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) —funding for infrastructure and equipment for Zamorano:

Lead or support —depending on the execution stage— all processes related with projects or programs with these institutions. Areas to support include: conceptualization, development and elaboration of proposals, proposal updating and preparation for the “negotiation package”, quarterly reports, communication with USAID/ASHA for explaining and solving issues, and final reports. (Note that USAID/ASHA processes, which include new proposals and project follow-up activities, take up approximately 35% of the project management officer’s time during a calendar year).

  • Provide proactive support to international representatives from Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, etc. for backing current and future projects and programs.
  • Guarantee proper budget elaboration in the Agreements and Contracts Office in coordination with the Institutional Advancement Administrator.
  • Participate in local, national or international meetings, events, and forums representing the Project management office or the Institutional Advancement Director. The meetings, events and forums will include the participation of donors and partners like: USAID, Millennium Challenge Account, Swiss Cooperation (COSUDE), Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, European Union, Interinstitutional Committee for Environmental Sciences (CICA for its initials in Spanish), international and national NGO´S, national and local governments (commonwealths), foundations, etc.
  • Tend to and accompany a wide range of professionals who visit the Zamorano campus. Visitors include representatives of public and private sector collaborators and partners of this institution. This includes organizing tours to show (orally or in writing) Zamorano’s points of interest like the main campus, the academic departments, and operation facilities (production, processing, environment, development, etc.) 
  • Perform other activities assigned by the Institutional Advancement Director or the President of Zamorano.


  • A Master’s degree or its equivalent in the areas of agriculture, rural development, environment, and natural resources, higher education, or related areas.
  • At least 10 years of direct experience in conceiving, designing, preparing, implementing, and monitoring/evaluating proposals and projects dealing with applied research, outreach, infrastructure, and institutional strengthening in general. (Relevant topics: Sustainable agriculture, value chains, rural development, environment and natural resources, secondary and higher education (curricular and pedagogical development), etc.
  • Experience and demonstrated capacity for gathering and maintaining institutional information —on personnel, programs, and projects— required for the preparation of profiles, reports, proposals, and other documents.
  • Experience in grant writing, project proposals, and elaboration and control of corresponding budgets.
  • Excellent professional relations and knowledge derived from joint work on relevant topics with both private and public sectors including national and local governments, bilateral and multilateral cooperative agencies, NGO´s, international and national private sector, foundations, universities, etc.
  • Familiar with major bidding processes launched by major donors such as USAID, the European Union, Canadian Cooperation or other organizations involved in international cooperation.
  • High demonstrable capacity for project formulation and proposal preparation including convincing argumentation skills, statistical underpinning, detailed budgeting.
  • Demonstrated capacity for effective teamwork with colleagues and partners.
  • Excellent handling of the Microsoft Office suite of programs.
  • Knowledge of the essential aspects of administrative/financial management.
  • Full professional proficiency in Spanish and English languages (comprehension, conversation and composition).

Application procedure

Employment applications should include a cover letter, current curriculum vitae with contact information and phone number and email of at least three professional references.  All documents should come in Word or PDF formats should be submitted to the Human Talent Unit (Unidad de Talento Humano in Spanish) at under Project Official as subject.

Application deadline:  July 30, 2016.

Zamorano University is an equal opportunity employer.

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