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“ZAMORANO provides all the tools we need to develop ourselves as good students and future professionals.”  —Gracia María Puerto (Honduras), a firstyear student. This young woman started building her future with the financial aid from the government of Honduras, the FUDAZAMO Foundation, and the private sector.

Life is not a video game that can be paused when you like, especially when you feel you can’t go on.

Gracia María Puerto, from Comayagua, Honduras, is a young woman who has gone through circumstances that have marked her life. However, this motivated her to move forward because failure is not an option for her. Her perseverance, positivity, and most of all, the support from her three brothers helped her keep going.

Her interest in ZAMORANO begins with certain comments and lessons she received from her brother Carlos Puerto, a ZAMORANO graduate from class 2015. “I liked the passion he had when talking about his alma mater. Every year, he would share a little of what he learned and showed me how to apply this knowledge to help the community.”

Partnerships that Change the World

Like other students, Gracia did not have the resources to enter ZAMORANO, but that was no an obstacle for her. She kept fighting.

Thanks to the financial aid provided by the government of Honduras, the FUNDAZAMO Foundation, and the private sector, this young woman began to build her future. “I am very grateful for this opportunity. I enrolled at ZAMORANO with very little experience, and after the last months, I`ve felt substantial progress in my skills and knowledge.”

Her greatest motivation is to help others, to build a family business, and train people on how to grow their crops at home.

Encourages other Young Men and Women to tell their Zamorano Experience

Living with people from different countries and cultures is something that can only be lived in ZAMORANO, it is a unique experience.

During the second quarter vacations, Gracia visited the school she graduated from and shared her experience on campus and invited all the students to apply to ZAMORANO. She encouraged them not to give up and not to be afraid of dreaming big. “You must move those negative voices aside and fight when things get rough because in the end, you will be surprised at what you’re capable of doing.”

ZAMORANO has become that opportunity that will take Gracia to reach all her goals.

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