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ZAMORANO’s first Master’s Degree in Sustainable Tropical Agricultural Sciences (MATS), part of the University’s innovative academic program, will begin in August with the attendance of professionals from different nationalities.

This new degree program will train professionals to achieve a high level of technical and scientific competencies and become sensitive to environmental concerns. The rigorous program is based on academic excellence, research, innovation and agricultural engagement to contribute to the sustainable development and the solution of contextual problems, through scientific research.

After 75 years of providing undergraduate education, ZAMORANO has launched its first postgraduate program, based on applied research, which brings new hope to the solution of numerous problems in sustainable agricultural systems. ZAMORANO understands the challenges presented by increasing global food demand, the pressure on natural resources, climate change that endangers food production and the limitations that underdeveloped countries face in responding to these needs.

Representatives from the private sector, government and international agencies, notably the Nippon Foundation, attended the inauguration. The Nippon Foundation has provided 15 scholarships. Dr. Alison Stone, President of the Board of Trustees and President Jeffrey Lansdale opened the event, accompanied by members of the first Master´s class and their professors.

An intense academic experience

For two years, the students will access first-rate academic facilities, where there are three ISO 17025-2005 accredited laboratories used for research and other services. National and international scientists will participate as well as students from different countries to ensure the production of high quality information and a wide range of topics. The schedule has six academic periods with a duration of 15 weeks each. The students will be able to undertake an internship abroad during their third academic period in one of the prestigious universities with which ZAMORANO has alliances in the United States, Italy, Colombia, Spain, Bolivia, Peru, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic and Thailand. In the end, the students will have completed 23 classes and obtained 52 credits for graduation, submitting the results of their approved thesis to scientific magazines for publishing.


For 75 years, ZAMORANO has been providing education in technically-oriented agriculture and environmental conservation to students mainly from Latin America and the Caribbean. Scientific research has played an important role in the students’ academic activities. ZAMORANO is an international university committed to environmental development and sustainability, including the protection of the Uyuca and Monserrat Biological Reserves. The University campus is a botanical garden in content if not in formal status, containing a wide variety of native and exotic plant species. This makes ZAMORANO an effective learning venue for the young students from 21 countries who currently attend the University.

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Inauguración Maestría en Agricultura Tropical Sostenible

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