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The recognition granted by GPTW to ZAMORANO is the result of an evaluation of the work environment that measures the employees’ perception of the organization.

After the certification that ZAMORANO University recently received as one of the “Best Places to Work®” in Central America and the Caribbean, its employees feel inspired to dignify the image of the institution with work backed by excellence. For many, it is a source of pride and satisfaction to know that they coincide in the perception that their organization supports, respects, and encourages their workers, and provides job stability.

For Olvin Danery Amador Andino, administrator of the Department of Agricultural Science and Production (CPA), working with people from diverse cultures has been an excellent and enriching experience. “To be in ZAMORANO, meeting and working with professionals of different nationalities, is a unique opportunity that has given me great satisfaction and positive results on a personal and professional level,” he commented.

He confirmed that working at ZAMORANO has been rewarding because, more than just accumulating professional experience, one benefits from  collaborations that are stimulating, and teamwork. “We are working for a non-profit institution that helps and benefits students, communities, and countries. At ZAMORANO, with our work we benefit people, especially students, and that is an important point that should make us feel proud, because this institution is different. It creates development through its students, through education and other important sectors to feed the world”, he added.

ZAMORANO values ​​its employees’ capacities, and provides opportunities for improvement and growth. In Olvin’s case, he began work as an accountant assigned to five units of ZAMORANO University´s Business Office, known today as Productive Learning Units (UAP). He then went on to work for an agricultural production project that allowed him to showcase his abilities and other qualities. He currently works as administrator of the Department of Agricultural Science and Production (CPA). For Olvin Danery, GPTW certification is a source of “pride, satisfaction, and a drive to continue to do the job better.”

Patricia Acosta, administrative assistant for the Department of Environment and Development (IAD), comments that ZAMORANO opening its doors to her was a great opportunity. The institution, through her supervisor and her co-workers, cultivated her character and supported her in an environment that motivates her every day to be a better employee and person. “At ZAMORANO we are open to changes, to making improvements, to confronting many problems with resilience, with so many challenges to face; at ZAMORANO we are resilient, and we can adapt to change, and we improve day by day. Little by little, we get to know each other and break down the barriers”, she said.

It is clear to Patricia that ZAMORANO is an institution that contributes to education not only in Honduras, but in Latin America and other countries. “To be part of training future leaders, to be a grain of sand, a piece of the whole great world that is ZAMORANO, fills me with pride. To know that I am in one of the best places to work, and that the university is recognized internationally by companies for the type of graduate they produce, who become government ministers, and directors of large companies, organizations and agencies, and who are contributing to changing minds of people in their communities and to developing them, to be part of the formation and training of these leaders, is the greatest thing, from my point of view as a collaborator,” she said.

She expressed that the GPTW certification personally makes her feel even more committed and encourages her to do things as well as possible, to give the best of herself both to her colleagues and to the rest of the employees, to really dignify that image and reflect it back on the people who knock on the doors of IAD. She added that in the institution there is a sense not only of companionship, but also of a place with great facilities that are environment-friendly, where the collaborators feel welcome, supported, guided, and recognized.

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