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Dr. Yordan Martínez’s article has become the third most downloaded in the last 90 days and the fourth most popular in the 2020-2021 period.

The research article entitled “Efficiency of Ross 308 broilers under different nutritional requirements”, by Dr. Yordan Martínez, Associate Professor in Animal Nutrition and Poultry Production of ZAMORANO’s Department of Agricultural Science and Production (CPA), and Dr. Manuel Valdivié of the National Center for Laboratory Animals, Cuba, published in volume 30, number 2 of 2021, has become one of the eight most downloaded in the Journal of Applied Poultry Research (JAPR,, of the Poultry Science Association (PSA, of the United States.

The objective of the scientific work, derived from an investigation developed at the Poultry Research and Teaching Center of ZAMORANO, was to evaluate different diets according to the nutritional requirements of Ross 308 (Aviagen, 2019), Rostagno (2017), FEDNA (2014) and NRC (1994). The study identified differences in production performance, edible portions, and chemical composition of the breast in broilers of the Ross 308 genotype.

The research results demonstrate for the first time the adequate nutritional requirement of Ross 308 chickens needed to express their genetic potential, when using flour-based diets and rearing mixed sexes in open houses. This research can directly impact production and economic efficiency of poultry companies and will also serve as a basis for future applied research.

The open access platform of the prestigious research journal presents the eight most prominent articles in the categories “most cited, most popular, and most downloaded”. Dr. Martínez’s article was the third most downloaded of the last 90 days ( and the fourth most popular in the 2020-2021 period (

The Journal of Applied Poultry Research is the most prestigious scientific publication in the world focused on the poultry industry, where the most prominent scientists in this area publish their research. In 2020, the journal had an impact factor of 1.015, 141 published articles, and 2,275 citations.

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