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Agricultural Research at ZAMORANO is a priority endeavor that ranges from promoting efficiency in agricultural chains via adaptation to the effects of climate change and food security.

To promote applied research and generate new technologies and know-how for the development of the Latin American agricultural sector, the Zamorano Masters Degree In Tropical Agriculture (MATS) Program and the Ceiba Journal, a scientific and technical journal published by Zamorano, held its third annual ZAMORANO “Investiga” (Research) Conference, in November.

Faculty members, instructors, undergraduate and graduate students introduced research projects focused on a variety of topics ranging from agro-biodiversity and sustainable agriculture, to integrated management of natural resources in agriculture, to animal production and nutrition systems, to agro-environment and energy, to innovations for rural development and human nutrition, as well as to tropical agriculture value chains.

This annual event, which began in 2018, is evidence of Zamorano’s cornerstone commitment to meeting the needs of the agricultural sector by seeking solutions to problems and challenges in current food systems. These solutions are based on the application of sustainable methodologies and tools while also prioritizing high levels of productivity. In addition to the challenges of climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic has posed great challenges to agriculture, which is why it is necessary to design adequate, flexible, and innovative solutions for the agricultural sector.

ZAMORANO Investiga is a forum to showcase the results of the research currently being carried out by the university which contributes to the dissemination of new knowledge to the Zamorano community.  It allows first- and second-year students to learn about research at Zamorano and it helps guide their future selection of research topics. As such, the event strengthens the innovative capabilities of our students, increases their knowledge of technology that can be adopted by various Latin American agricultural practitioners, and reinforces synergies between the academic departments of ZAMORANO.

During ZAMORANO Investiga 2021, awards were given for the best research projects in two categories: (1) posters and videos, and (2) scientific articles. The articles have been published in a special edition of the Ceiba Scientific and Technical Journal. The award-winning projects were selected by an evaluation committee composed of senior members of the Zamorano faculty including Dr. Juan Carlos Rosas, Dr. Jesús Orozco, Dr. Arie Sanders and Dr. Luis Sandoval.

We invite you to know the winners of the third edition of ZAMORANO “Investiga” 2021:


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