Scholarship Program

DSC_0053ABSS believes that all students should have access to a high-quality education. For that reason, ABSS offers scholarships to over 40% of its student body and maintains tuition rates nearly half those of other accredited schools in Honduras.

Zemurray Scholarship:

Thanks to a generous annual donation from the Samuel Zemurray Foundation, ABSS is able to offer scholarships to cover up to 50% of the fees associated with monthly payments to students whose family’s combined income is equal to at least one minimum wage but no more than three times the established minimum wage.

To apply for a scholarship, families must complete the scholarship application available in the ABSS office or online beginning March 1st of each calendar year.  To be considered for a scholarship, the completed applications must be turned in to ABSS’s Administrative Assistant on or before the 15th of April.  Families are notified of the Scholarship Committee’s decision by the 30th of May.  Families must formally accept the scholarship offered no later than June 15th by paying a $50 deposit that will be credited toward their child’s registration fees.

To maintain a Zemurray Scholarship, parents must facilitate a home visit by the Scholarship Coordinator and attend all parent-teacher conferences as well as 80% of school-sponsored functions.  In addition, students must maintain an academic average of 70% and demonstrate good behavior.  ABSS reserves the right to suspend or take away scholarships at any time if the student or parent fails to fulfill the requirements for the assistance.

Private Scholarship:

ABSS maintains an additional fund composed of money raised by private donors.  Scholarships from these funds will be distributed on a case-to-case basis, taking into consideration the wishes of the donors, family need, student performance, and parent involvement.  ABSS maintains full discretion in the allocation and distribution of these funds.

Sliding Scale Scholarship: 

Zamorano employees who earn less than three times the established minimum wage are entitled to sliding scale tuition rates based on their family size and income.  Depending on family size and income, sliding scale tuition can cover up to 70% of a child’s monthly payments.

Sliding scale rates are determined annually by the ABSS Scholarship Committee and are typically  dependent on the number of eligible students applying and the amount of funding available.  The ABSS administration assigns a tentative sliding scale amount to each eligible family in the spring of each academic year and adjusts that amount based on an updated salary report provided by Zamorano’s Finance Department in August of each year.

If you want to apply for a scholarship, you can download the form here.