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With ZEED (Zamorano Everlasting Education), you can boost your entrepreneurship, harness technology, and virtual interactivity to strengthen your knowledge with Zamorano’s academic excellence at your own pace, allowing you to connect that knowledge with your daily activities in a timely manner.

Zamorano Executive Education

(On Demand)

Designed for professionals with an executive profile.

Zamorano in the Field

(On Demand)

We work under the premise of “Learning by Doing.”

Zamorano Pre-College

(On Demand)

For young individuals with a focus on skill development.

“In-Company” Courses

In these customized courses, we assess the specific training needs of your organization and company, structuring and implementing group and individual training plans for the development of technical, administrative, and managerial competencies with high-quality standards.

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Zamorano Executive Education

Course name Modality Type
Course Geographic information systems tools for decision making Virtual Course
Course Integration of Renewable Energy in Productive Systems Virtual Course
Food Safety Diploma Virtual diplomat
Preventive Controls Course for foods for human consumption Virtual Course
Professional update certificates (ISAM) Hybrid Certificate
International Agribusiness Management Program (ESPOL) Virtual diplomat
Marketing in Agribusiness and Product Internationalization Virtual Course
Management Skills in Agriculture Virtual Course
Competitiveness and Business Strategy Virtual Course
Business Analytics 2024 Virtual Course
Successfully exporting vegetables to the USA Virtual Course
Investment in Projects Virtual Course
Cybersecurity and Agriculture Virtual Course
International Course on Variability, Climate Change and Sustainable Water Management Virtual Course

Zamorano In The Field

Course name Modality Type
Minimally processed products + Juice and Fruit Concentrate In person Course
Dehydrated Products + Sauces and Pickles In person Course
Food Additives and Ingredients + Jellies and Jams In person Course
Ice Cream and Yogurt Course In person Course
Fresh Cheese Course In person Course
Updating Diploma in Poultry Nutrition and Feeding hybrid diplomat
Agricultural Operations Management Virtual Course
Production and Conditioning of Corn Seeds In person Course
Climate Smart Family Farming In person Course
Propagation of Ornamental and Fruit Crops Course In person Course
Forage Production Course In person Course
Waste management and production of animal food from the Hermetia illucens fly In person Course
Applied Course for Tilapia Production In person Course
Principles of nutrition and formulation of balanced feed for broiler chickens and laying hens In person Course
Applied Course for Pig Production In person Course
Comprehensive Equine Management Knowledge and Practices for the Care and Management of Horses In person Course
Photogrammetry with Drones and GIS for territory management In person Course

Zamorano Pre-College

Course name Modality Type
Summer Camp Zamorano Leadership In-person Camp
Food value chains tour In-person In-person Tour Informative


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