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Zamorano is an international university that offers young people from different countries and backgrounds the opportunity to become professionals - leaders - with skills and values, capable of transforming companies and organizations that respond to current challenges in Latin America and the world. Challenges such as conservation of natural resources, rural transformation and development of internationally competitive agricultural and agro-industries in Latin America and the world.

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Academic Departaments

The Environment and Development Department offers a cutting edge program supported by solid technical expertise and applied research, focusing on the environment with a holistic approach to development.

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Environment and Development graduate has a comprehensive education that allows you to understand natural and social systems.

The Agricultural Sciences and Production Department trains professionals to apply science and technology to improve productivity and professionally manage production processes.

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This program gave the region hundreds of agronomists who contributed substantially to the development of their countries.

The Agribusiness Management Department trains leaders that contribute to economic progress, business development, wealth creation and poverty reduction.

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With particular strength in the practical application of these concepts to related agricultural inputs, production, and services to agribusiness.

Food Science and Technology graduates are professionals able to perform successfully in regional and global food agribusinesses.

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We base our teaching on the application of practical work, combined with the science and research of new technologies in food agribusiness.

The General Curriculum consists of the first two years of study at Zamorano, in which all students are taught basic science, agribusiness, agroindustry, environment, agriculture and livestock.

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These courses show them the reality of the value chain that exists in Latin America.

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