ZAMORANO promotes a Regulation on Improved Stoves
3 December, 2015

Students launch the 4-ZS Club to Provide Knowledge for Socioeconomic Development

ZAMORANO initiates 4-ZS Club (Zamo-feelings, Zamo-Knowledge, Zamo-services and Zamo-health), which is a database of contacts to provide knowledge on topics related to agriculture having impacts on rural communities in Honduras and the world.

This initiative arises from the seniors Ernesto Loaisiga (Nicaraguan) and René Chigüila (Salvadoran), replicating the 4-H Club sponsored by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and 4-S of the Ministry of Agriculture of Costa Rica. Loaisiga said: “This club can be promoted so that most of ZAMORANO extracurricular clubs come together and when any person or organization wants to know more about a topic in a specific area and wantw to develop an external project he or she can request support. There are extracurricular clubs in different sciences, including soils, biodiversity, astronomy, entomology and human nutrition; and would be under the name 4-ZS, always accompanied by the name of the club. We seek to recruit members from each club. We want 4-ZS to be a database of scientific projects and share knowledge with the world. “

The Club 4-ZS is a virtual and on-site educational program that will aim to develop a program with pillars similar to those of 4-S of Costa Rica, through an agreement with the National Committee of the National Council of 4-S Clubs; creating a (virtual and physical) direct link as club where all student extracurricular clubs in ZAMORANO come together referring to the areas of research, training, leadership and projection; and exposing the experiences of the clubs through a virtual database for each extracurricular club in an organized way for a better search of stakeholders.

The student extracurricular clubs can provide external advice on specific issues, so that each of the projects that are carried out have sustainability and impact. The 4-ZS Club initiative will foster leadership, knowledge, entrepreneurship and implementation of projects for rural community development. “We showed our leadership skills and outreach to positively impact communities,” said Chigüila.

Legal entities or organizations with an interest in executing a project may meet with the director of 4-ZS Club for advice according to the subject of interest and may also provide financing for the development of a project of interest.

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