Innovation and entrepreneurship: students develop food products to strengthen MSMEs
14 January, 2016
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9 February, 2016

Practical Learning: Students create Business and Marketing Strategies

Alejandro Pineda and his classmates were challenged to develop a marketing plan for a company that introduces a new product to market.  This challenge, part of the Marketing class, has the objective of applying the knowledge received in the classroom.

The company, made up of Alexander and 23 of the 326 sophomores, established and documented a wide panorama of the mission, objectives, strategy and resource allocation of the company, as well as how the company seeks to achieve its objectives through specific marketing strategies.  This exercise was real.  The students analyzed the market, taking into account the views and needs of the target audience.  They created the company, developed the product and its packaging, launched the strategy to promote it and creatively presented their results at the Marketing Fair held in ZAMORANO.

Alexander and his colleagues created a caffeine-free, hot drink made of corn.   Their company and its new product took first place in their section.  “Our product called Coffee Corn has a target market of people between 20 and 40 years old, whose consumer preferences are in organic foods. It was a challenge to organize, to devote time to this project and inform people about the benefits of this drink,” said Alexander.

The Marketing Fair is held annually by sophomores as part of the Marketing class taught by Ing. Martin Leal, who describes every detail of the companies formed by the students.  “This year’s focus was to highlight companies that presented new trends in food products. After the class the student knows the broad conceptual framework of the marketing area and its application, and is able to develop agribusiness marketing plans,” explained Ing. Leal.

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This experience that ZAMORANO offers in actual situations strengthens the education of young people and gives them an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge learned in the classroom. “The main objective was to put in practice all our knowledge.  As Zamorano students we develop activities that allow us to innovate and this is one of them. It’s an experience that marks our education,” commented Alexander.

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