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20 January, 2016
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18 February, 2016

Zamorano strengthens relations with World Bank

World Bank executives met with ZAMORANO officials to get to know its academic programs, areas of research and product processing so they could undertake initiatives for the benefit of Honduras.  Ing. Jacobo Paz, Minister of Agriculture of Honduras, was also present.

Dr. Laurent Msellati, World Bank Manager of Agriculture for Latin America and the Caribbean, said the World Bank is looking to strengthen partnerships with agricultural research centers in Honduras. “This visit has been made in the context of preparing a new operation where we hope to strengthen alliances with the agricultural research centers that exist in Honduras.  We wanted, first of all, to congratulate ZAMORANO University, which has a reputation for excellence internationally here in Latin America that is also heard in Africa.”

Dr. Jeffrey Lansdale, Rector of Zamorano, Mr. Milton Flores, Director of Institutional Advancement and Liaison and Dr. Raul Zelaya, Academic Dean, met with the directors of the World Bank and the Minister of Agriculture of Honduras to visualize the types of alliances that could materialize between the two institutions in the future.

Dr. Msellati commented that he was very impressed by the strengths of the four technical programs of the university, the presence of foreign students and the focus on agricultural production and added value.  “This combination of theory and practice is a guarantee of greater success for the students when they enter their professional life.”  Dr. Msellati said that he liked his visit to the Laboratory of Animal Reproduction, “I was able to refresh my knowledge of animal reproduction, because I am a veterinarian.”

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ZAMORANO maintains close relations with governments, public and private sector institutions, universities, NGOs and international organizations, thus allowing it to establish partnerships for the benefit of society.

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