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9 February, 2016
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18 February, 2016

Students Participate in Scientific Discussion

Students were pleased to meet the people involved in creating awareness of the role of science in the social development of peoples.

Third-year students and faculty of the Environment and Development Career participated in a scientific discussion group on “The Role of Science in Social Development,” led by Honduran scientist Sir Salvador Moncada, on January 26 at the French Alliance of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

For students it was very satisfying to know the exponents of the discussion group who were distinguished representatives of the scientific, industrial and academic community of Honduras, which consider the role of science in the social progress of peoples.

Sir Salvador Moncada highlighted the potential of ZAMORANO as a center for applied scientific research for agricultural development in the region. In particular, he recognized the research conducted by the university in different areas and invited students and teachers to increase the number of their publications in scientific journals.

Sir Salvador Moncada is a Honduran scientist with many contributions in national and international medicine. He is director of the Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research at University College London. In 1990 he received one of the highest honors of his career when he was given the Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research, which he shared with the Spanish enzymologist Santiago Grisolia, for their meritorious work in the related fields of biochemistry and pharmacology. In the discussion group, he spoke about the synergy between science, technology and social development. He emphasized the difficulties that arise in Latin America, particularly in Honduras. These difficulties include low interest and low public and private budgets to carry out actions that lead to real and significant scientific development. He also noted that there is a large gap in research investment between developed countries and developing countries.

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Dr. Laura Suazo, Director of the Department of Environment and Development, ZAMORANO, raised the challenge of using scientific knowledge to accelerate sustainable development in Honduras. These enriching experiences outside ZAMORANO strengthen the academic learning of young people and inspire them to lead initiatives that bring significant changes to society.

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