Students Participate in Scientific Discussion
18 February, 2016
The Paris Accord over Climate Change and the Participation and Role of ZAMORANO
24 February, 2016

MSMEs in Honduras are taught how to maintain their financial health.

ZAMORANO, with the support of strategic partners, has recently led initiatives to support small entrepreneurs with knowledge transfer and project management.

In January, Marco Vega, Zamorano Professor of Agribusiness Management, trained entrepreneurs in Honduras on how to maintain the financial health of their micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as part of a forum organized by the Center for Business Development Area 12 (CDE MSMEs 12) – an organization to which ZAMORANO belongs as a founding partner.

At the forum, thirty MSME participants were encouraged to strengthen their businesses and adopt a positive attitude towards change. The MSMEs benefited from an entrepreneurial diagnosis made by the CDE, and the general diagnostic results were presented as part of the forum. The topics selected for further discussion were chosen according to the weaknesses identified in the diagnostics.

A panel comprised of four of the most solid companies in the group faced questions from the audience. They shared their secrets to success and ways to come out of a crisis. These success stories, plus the knowledge shared by the presenters, strengthened the Honduran MSME sector and encouraged others to become entrepreneurs.

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