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24 February, 2016
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Purification and Bottling Plant, ZAMORANO Cares for a Vital Resource

With its own water purification and bottling plant, ZAMORANO demonstrates an efficient management of resources, another opportunity for student learning and a practical teaching module to demonstrate the water purification process.

Campus infrastructure development is of the utmost importance to maintain educational excellence. This has characterized Zamorano since our founding. A recent achievement is the establishment of a water purification and bottling plant, which has the capacity to meet the demands of our campus. This project has been led by the Department of Environment and Development with the support of our Board.

This is a step forward for ZAMORANO. As well as providing high-quality water for consumption, it contributes to the environment by encouraging the community to fill a single container and avoid buying multiple plastic water bottles, which can take up to 1,000 years to degrade.

Quality Standards

The problem of contamination of bottled water from some companies is the diverse handling and use of the bottles. One advantage of this purification plant is that the bottles are only for internal use, and they receive a prewash and a disinfection process before being filled with purified water.

The water Zamorano uses comes from the springs found on the slopes of the Uyuca Mountain, which is located near the university campus and provides important ecosystem services such as water. Uyuca water is very clean and the water purification plant is managed by the strictest standards of quality. The plant has two tanks with a capacity of 660 gallons each; the water passes through a filtration process, reverse-osmosis microfiltration and disinfection by UV lamps. Prior to filling the bottles and placing the seal, a physical-chemical analysis is made to further ensure the water has been purified correctly.

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The ZAMORANO Water Purification and Bottling Plant produces 120 bottles a day, each with its own expiration date. The campus also has installed water fountains with water purifiers and has begun a campaign on campus to promote a campus free of disposable plastic water bottles.

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