Bryan Ruano Orellana, Class 2016
4 March, 2016
Darwin Navarrete Ronald Erazo, Class of 2016
5 March, 2016

Erik Leonel Salazar Roldan, Class 2016

“I feel very happy and grateful to God for the opportunity LAAD gave me with this scholarship.  I am able to continue with my goals with more effort than before.  Now I have no impediment to fulfill my dream of graduating as an agronomist.  For my family it was the greatest blessing that they could have given us.  My goal has always been to help myself in my home.  LAAD, thank you for choosing me; even not knowing who I am.  I would like to tell you that you gave me a hand to the edge of an abyss and I feel indebted. I’m at your service; however you need me when I graduate.”

Erik Leonel Roldan Salazar
Guatemala, 4th-year, Agricultural Engineering Career, Zamorano 2016.

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