Erik Leonel Salazar Roldan, Class 2016
5 March, 2016
Solidarity Changed the Future of a Young Woman
28 April, 2016

Darwin Navarrete Ronald Erazo, Class of 2016


“It is a source of happiness to have been chosen for the scholarship program of LAAD, S. A. This financial aid gives me the opportunity to complete my education at Zamorano and reduces the financial difficulties that my family is going through. For us, this is a very important achievement because it is a significant financial contribution that will help fulfill a mother’s dream to provide a professional education to her children. I am grateful to the president and general manager of LAAD for believing in my goals and objectives, and I wish nothing but success for LAAD and the whole team.”

Ronald Darwin Navarrete Erazo
Fourth-year student of Agricultural Engineering from Ecuador. Zamorano, 2016.

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