Junto al Dr. Robert Athickal
Fundador y Coordinador de Tarumitra
Tarumitra in India, an experience in conservation of flora and fauna
3 March, 2016
Laad_0003_Bryan Ruano (6)
Bryan Ruano Orellana, Class 2016
4 March, 2016

Marlon Joshua Rodriguez Rosales, Class 2016


“I feel grateful and privileged; because one of my biggest dreams is to successfully finish my career studies. At the same time, I am very happy to be one of the beneficiaries of financial support provided by LAAD. It is very gratifying that there are institutions with excellent values that support agricultural development.  At the household level, this support is immense.  It gives an economic respite to my parents and allows us to increase our economic participation in the agricultural sector; which is what we do as a family.”

Marlon Josué Rodríguez Rosales
Guatemala, 4th-year, Agricultural Engineering Career, Zamorano 2016.

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