Erik Leonel Salazar Roldan, Class 2016
5 March, 2016
Research on Recombinant Protein Production, Monterrey, Mexico
5 March, 2016

Darwin Navarrete Ronald Erazo, Class 2016


“It is a source of happiness for having been elected in the scholarship program LAAD S.A. This financial aid, given to me, gives me the opportunity to finish my studies at ZAMORANO.  It reduces the economic difficulties our family has faced. For me and my family it is very important to have gotten such a big achievement, as it has given us a key economic contribution that supports the dream of a mother seeking the professional education of her children. I thank the President and General Manager of LAAD for having placed their trust in my goals and objectives. Best wishes and success for LAAD and its entire working group.”

Ronald Darwin Navarrete Erazo
Ecuador, 4th– year, Agricultural Engineering Career, Zamorano 2016.

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