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4 April, 2016
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7 April, 2016

US: Research on Frying Process Optimization

By Oliver David Chamorro Ojeda (Paraguay)

There is no teaching without research or research without teaching, Paulo Freire (1921-1997). 

I am making my practice in the area of ​​Food Engineering at Purdue University, Indiana, USA, collaborating in three research projects focused on process optimization of frying and baking at high temperatures.

One project is sponsored by a multinational company that aims to optimize the line process of confectionary products ready for consumption.  I also assist a doctoral thesis that seeks to model the dynamics of oil absorption on porous surfaces. I also have been assigned a research project on the quality of previously-used immersion frying oils at high temperatures.

To order to achieve all the assignments in the best manner, I’m taking an undergraduate class on Mass Transfer and Energy. I also work at the technological forefront with instruments used in process optimization and food analysis.  I also am in contact with highly trained personnel who constantly encourage me to continue preparing to meet the challenges afforded by the modern food industry.

This internship has made me realize the importance that research has in the agro-industrial processes by implementing various engineering principles to make better use of available resources, promote innovation and achieve high standards of efficiency and quality.  I consider this internship highly successful and my working group has some excellent professionals and friends.  Let’s hope it happens again!


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