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5 April, 2016
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More Opportunities for Student Internships and Master’s Degrees in Brazil

Partnerships with other universities are very important to ZAMORANO, in order to strengthen cooperation for the benefit of students.

ZAMORANO recently established partnerships in Brazil through the signing of agreements with the Universidade Estadual de Londrina (UEL), the Univeridade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ) and Embrapa Food in order to expand the options for professional practice for Zamorano students and generate exchange of information through research and extension projects.

The Director of the Department of Food Science and Technology, Dr. Luis Fernando Osorio, and ZAMORANO professors, Dr. Juan Ruano and Mr. Edward Moncada, met with the Vice Chancellor of the Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Ludoviko Carnasciali dos Santos, to sign an agreement.  With this partnership, ZAMORANO can expand the number of students who perform their professional practice and send UEL a student next year to attend the Master’s program in Food Science.  Likewise, Dr. Fabio Yamashita, a professor at UEL, will visit ZAMORANO to teach a course for our students in the area of biodegradable polymers for packaging.

ZAMORANO officials also met with the Rector of the Univeridade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Mendes Callado, to sign a cooperation agreement, valid for five years, to promote academic, scientific and cultural activities through collaborations in teaching, research and extension.

Moreover, the delegation met with Dra. Lourdes Cabral at Embrapa Food, where exchanges and cooperation on research were established. This opens the door for Zamorano students and teachers to conduct research projects and exchanges. Embrapa Food has already received 12 Zamorano students through the efforts of Dr. Jose Luis Ramirez Ascheri, who is interested in visiting ZAMORANO for a week to share his knowledge with students. 

The signing of these agreements has been possible thanks to the efforts of Dr. Ruano, who completed his postgraduate studies and worked in these Brazilian entities.  ZAMORANO appreciates the support of Dr. Fabio Yamashita, Fernanda Torres and Telma Gimenez, in the UEL; Dr. Jose Luis Ramirez Ascheri, at Embrapa Food; and Drs. Maria Ivone Soares Barbosa and Ana Dantas, in the UFRRJ.

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