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8 April, 2016
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13 April, 2016

In Germany: Knowing the World Market for Animal Feed Additives

By Johann Reichmann (Honduras)

I am a fourth-year Agribusiness Management student at the Pan American Agricultural School, ZAMORANO.  I am at my internship in the city of Visbek, Germany with the company EW Nutrition, working in the area of Product Management.

EW Nutrition develops and produces various additives used in animal feed and is part of EW Group, a multinational company with more than 65 sister companies in 25 countries and has over 8,000 employees worldwide. The 4 pillars of the organization are genetics, food, vaccines and nutrition, and animal feed.

My job is to assist the team of Product Management in activities such as field testing and analysis. We cover the various animal production sectors such as dairy cattle, breeding and production of pigs, and poultry production.  I also conducted laboratory tests, specifically mycotoxin analysis, in animal feed in these areas and drafted reports for the clients.  I also maintain the database on levels of mycotoxins in raw materials and food for worldwide animal production. This work also collaborated with the creation of newsletters targeted to specific markets.

Something that has helped me a lot during my internship is the versatility we have as Zamoranos through everything I learned during my first three years in college.  We have the capacity not only to develop ourselves in the career we choose, but in any other field of agriculture.

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