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13 April, 2016
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20 April, 2016

In Honduras: Experimentation with Micro Gas- Production Units

Marx Nieto (Peru)

I’ve been at Indura Beach, on Tela Bay, Honduras, for three months doing my professional practice.  In this place I have been monitoring the correct handling and sorting of solid waste within the main activity areas of the hotel. To get good results I have prepared containers for each type of waste.  Each area has the required number of containers according to the types of waste that are generated.

As part of my research, I started with the first experiments with micro gas-production units using palm leaves from the Tornabé community.  The first results were not entirely satisfactory.  This is why further testing is scheduled.

We have to wait for better weather conditions, because the presence of rain significantly delayed our trials since we have to work with completely dry material.

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