In Honduras: Experimentation with Micro Gas- Production Units
14 April, 2016
In Costa Rica: Work on Sustainable Organic Farming
20 April, 2016

In Costa Rica: Analysis of macroeconomic data and research proposals

By Andrés Felipe Delgado Realpe (Colombia)

The Steve Aronson Professorship in Strategy and Agribusiness is the original professorial Chair of INCAE Business School.  For the past six years it has specialized in research with the main objective of studying companies in the region of influence (global multinationals are excluded) that have been successful in value creation, outside the farm gate, managing to transform tropical agricultural products and climbing the ladder of value added products.

Currently the Chair is Dr. Esteban Brenes with the support of teachers such as Felipe Perez, Niels Ketelhöhn, Bernard Kilian and Carlos Quintanilla, the researcher Caleb A. Pichardo, and finally, students in master’s programs and for the first time, in 2016, a student of the Pan American Agricultural School, ZAMORANO.

Some of the activities in which I participated include assistance in preparing academic papers, updating a book, The Future of Entreprenuership in Latin America, analysis of macroeconomic databases linked to the agricultural sector, proposals for new research and data manipulation using the software QCA.

Studying companies in the region that have had a great influence and in turn succeeded in creating added value, and studying the behavior of the agricultural context in times of economic liberalization, I have generated research skills and extensive knowledge that make this practice unique and of high quality.

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