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US: Research on Pastures and Forages

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By Diego José Contreras Gamero (Honduras)                   

I study in the career of Agricultural Engineering and am in North Carolina, United States, doing my internship at North Carolina State University, in the Department of Crop Science, in the area of pastures and forages.

My work in professional practice is to support various research projects conducted by the department.  These investigations have run for many years and they study the interactions of biological soil factors with crop and forage yields measures.  As part of the studies, fodder comparisons are also made in levels of productivity and nutritional quality.

My work, as a research assistant, includes data collection and tabulation of data, field testing and laboratory analysis.  Investigations are carried out with equipment of the latest technology, which can observe factors that normally go unnoticed. I have also had the opportunity to participate in training that the university offers local producers and exchange valuable information.

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