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28 August, 2016
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21 September, 2016

Syngenta in Search of Highly Technical and Professional Zamoranos

Stephane Bucamp is the General Manager of Syngenta in Central America and the Caribbean, a company dedicated to the production of seeds and crop protection. The experience of having professional ZAMORANO graduates on the Syngenta team has been highly satisfactory, reason why this year once again he visited our campus to interview prospective students to join the company.


Syngenta is a strategic ally for ZAMORANO because it is a source of employment for our graduates, a good example of it is Dr. Ian Zelaya, a ZAMORANO graduate of Class 91, who stands out as a researcher. “I did not know about ZAMORANO, but at Syngenta we have Dr. Ian Zelaya, a graduate of this university. He is a pillar in weed control and a renowned researcher. At an event in Colombia he told me about ZAMORANO and his active participation in the graduate community. I then had the opportunity to get to Central America and asked the Syngenta team in Honduras to visit ZAMORANO. My first impression was quite good, not only for the beauty of the campus, but also for the professionalism of their team. I became acquainted with the Learning by Doing philosophy that fits well with Syngenta,” said Bucamp.

This year, Syngenta participated in the Job Fair Enlázate, which convenes companies strategically allied to ZAMORANO so they can come and provide future opportunities to graduates and students who are about to graduate. Syngenta interviewed students from nine countries. Bucamp said that he was struck by their high academic and technical level, maturity and the clear understanding that Zamorano students have regarding the agronomist’s role in society and how they can contribute to their development.

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Syngenta is a benchmark for global agricultural industry for their outstanding research and a strategic partner of our university. They recently funded a research project on Jatropha curcas which includes crop management, value chain and performance potential as a biofuel. Thanks to the work carried out with Syngenta, ZAMORANO owns a biodiesel extraction plant used for research production methods of this biofuel, which is an alternative for agricultural development.

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