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3 December, 2016
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18 January, 2017

Zamorano Hosts the Third International Coffee Convention

Zamorano promotes the growth of the coffee sector in Honduras thanks to its ties with leading international institutions. Together, they bring coffee experts to train future Latin American professionals of the agricultural sector. 


The partnership between Zamorano, the Università del Caffè (the University of Coffee in English), and the Illy Foundation from Italy has facilitated the celebration the 3rd International Coffee Convention, with 75 participants from twenty-five countries associated with agro-industrial processes in the coffee sector. This event places Honduras in the spotlight as a producer and turns the country into a primary axis of knowledge through Zamorano.

From December 5 through 7, attendees went to conferences at the Zamorano campus and visited coffee farms around Honduras. Most of them came from countries that do not produce coffee but have experience in the agro-industrial processes involved in its production such as, roasting, grinding, packaging, and extracting, as well as the training of personnel. It was a great experience for them to visit a country that is ranked sixth in the world for the quality of its coffee.

Transfer of Knowledge


Zamorano’s association with international organizations specialized in coffee proves rich in opportunities for strengthening the Honduran coffee sector through projects and the transfer of knowledge and experiences. Zamorano and the Università del Caffè enhance their relations to develop future projects. As part of their alliance, they will grant three full scholarships for the Master’s degree in Economics and Science at the Italian university to recent Zamorano graduates. The first graduate who benefitted from this scholarship is Honduran.

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On the other hand, both institutions are developing an educational project to include a class on coffee for fourth-year students which will be imparted by graduates from the Università del Caffè —some of these teachers are also Zamoranos.

Zamorano has a coffee processing plant that can process 400 Kg per day.  The facility’s primary purpose is to teach the coffee bean’s value chain to students and the importance of harvesting and processing in the cup’s quality. Having Latin American young men and women specialize in these subjects, impacts local and international economies. Also, coffee farmers can access the knowledge provided by the university to strengthen the competitiveness of Honduras in international markets.

Coffee Production and Commercialization Module:


3.a Convención Internacional del Café

The Convention in the Media

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