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5 October, 2016
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29 March, 2017

Spain: exploring the European orange market

Luis Carlo Delgado Corrales, Iván Marcos Guevara Granda and Manuel Alejandro Pineda Caferino are students doing their internship at Naranjas de Fortaleny. This is an orange selling company located in southern Valencia, Spain.

Luis Carlo was excited to participate in this unique experience. “In this company, the orange market is done through internet, therefore it is an innovative and dynamic method in relation to more traditional ones. Part of my responsibility is to direct the plantations, preserve the quality of the fields, track orders and find new customers,” shares Luis.

For him, the goal of this internship includes evaluating suppliers and exporters of the European market, understanding the flow of processes and costs in the value chain, and finding critical points as well as differentiation processes to verify how they influence the final price.

Luis explains that “the interesting thing about this company is its versatility and innovation as it continues to grow in a market saturated with orange marketers. Its focus is on diversifying chemical-free crops and offering 100% fresh oranges. Upon receiving the order, we proceed to harvest and then send the product, all in one day.”

The experience of Iván Marcos has also been focused on several areas of the same company. “I have been able to experience the work environment in the areas of production, accounting and finance doing work related to management of production quality, the preparation of statements of results of different work periods of the company, and the evaluation of cost flows in the value chain, and collaborate with the routine activities of the company “explains Iván Marcos.

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Students put their knowledge into practice by inserting themselves into real work situations. Without a doubt, this experience will provide lessons that will help them face professional challenges once they graduate from ZAMORANO.

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