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15 March, 2017
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United States: students learn about fruit market

My name is Engel Joao Benavidez Vargas, a Nicaraguan national and an Agribusiness Administration major. I am doing my internship at Sol Group Marketing Company, located in Pompano Beach, Florida. This multinational company is dedicated to the importation of melons such as cantaloups, honeydews, melonränges and bonsais, as well as watermelons and pineapples. Sol Group has operations in Honduras and Guatemala dedicated strictly to the production of all the fruit that is distributed and marketed in the United States through groups such as Walmart, Wholefood, Publix, among others.

Strategically I focus on logistics activities: transfer of containers from the port to warehouses in Florida, control of inventory of containers, monitoring of losses, handling of recycling in Pompano Beach warehouses, and supervision of equipment exports to the farms of production.

This opportunity is undoubtedly a real work experience. I get to be part of a group of professionals in the agribusiness field, at the same time that I expand knowledge acquired in the university. In this internship I definitely developed a sense of responsibility and ethics that ZAMORANO instilled in me.

I’m Rafael Rodríguez and I work in the shipping department keeping track of and dispatching daily orders. We receive fruit directly from the port, we register the driver of the order and then we pick the fruit to make the delivery. I am involved in melon and watermelon sales in the local market, which has taught me to emphasize the demands of customers and thus offer a better service. In this internship I have developed skills not only in sales management, but also in the sensitive environment of public relations. This experience has been unique.

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