24 March, 2017
First Camp for Young Birders in Honduras
26 April, 2017

From ZAMORANO Crop Fields to Afghan War Zones

“I am a high-level leader in the United States Army partly because of the invaluable principles of leadership, hard work and steadfastness instilled by ZAMORANO. When we graduate we are not afraid to face challenges or responsibilities of any caliber.”

Lesly Carolina Calix, class of 1989, has become an inspiring example for the ZAMORANO community. After completing her studies in Agronomy at ZAMORANO, Lesly obtained a master’s degree in Entomology at Louisiana State University (LSU). At the end of her graduate program, a team from the US Army visited LSU hoping to recruit new entomologist for their service corps. The entomologists would collaborate in the area of ​​preventive medicine doing studies on diseases (malaria, dengue, leishmaniasis*, among others) transmitted by insects among soldiers. After interviewing with the Army representatives, Lesly was offered to be part of the team as First Lieutenant.

The idea of being an entomologist and a soldier at the same time definitely excited her. It’s been 16 years since that first interview. “The experience has been fascinating and well rewarded. Professionally, it has been an incomparable opportunity, and personally, I have developed a deep satisfaction for being part of such noble mission” assured Lesly.

She married Hernando Dominguez, who served as a professor at ZAMORANO in the past. Both are parents to Alvaro, an 8 year old boy with whom they have explored and admired the riches of the world and cultures.

Lesly had the privilege of serving the United States in the Afghanistan war, this is a job few people have experienced. Her service in the Armed Forces through combat missions reveals the mental and emotional strength ZAMORANO graduates develop through their hard-working year as students. She has reaped the fruits of discipline and arduous labor motivated by the passion to achieve her dreams.

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As a Major in the Army, Lesly currently holds an executive position of great responsibility and honor. She aspires to continue serving in the Army and will probably retire in five years. Once retired, she hopes to collaborate with the Federal Government for some time until she can no longer work.

ZAMORANO has instilled in this graduate the discipline of doing any job regardless of how hard it might be. “The fact graduates take challenges, even if they experience failures, says a lot about their professional quality, it also shows the talent and courage they possess in order to face whatever comes along,” says Lesly. “I am very proud to be a ZAMORANO alumna and a member of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.”

ZAMORANO prides itself in being a forger of courage in its graduates, who show tremendous strength especially in times of adversity. Once again, graduates such as Lesly speak to the world of how fundamental ZAMORANO was in her preparation for a life of challenges.

* Leishmaniasis: disease caused by a protozoan parasite and transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito.

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