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Ana Rojas Méndez and Ariana Muñoz Ventura, from the Department of Environment and Development at ZAMORANO, are now interns with the University of Georgia, United States (UGA) at its campus in San Luis, Province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica. This area of ​​the country belongs to the Pájaro Campana Biological Corridor (Bellbird Biological Corridor), which includes the largest set of protected areas in Costa Rica. UGA conducts research on the interrelations between humans and the environment, focusing on concepts of socio-cultural, environmental and economic sustainability.

I am Ana Rojas, my internship has to do with sustainable agriculture. All the food grown in our garden is used in the student cafeteria and the residues go toward compost or food for pigs. This experience has allowed me to deepen the concept of sustainability and share ideas with students and tourists from other countries.

Ariana Muñoz Ventura

I am Ariana Muñoz, my job is to plant all the crops and carry out all the necessary maintenance activities. The milk, pork and vegetables we harvest are consumed by UGA residents and tourists, so we show that although our production is on a small scale, we live in a sustainable way. I also give tours around our organic farm and stable while explaining how these facilities operate (this way I also practice my English, since the majority of our visitors are foreigners).

Gracias a lo que Ana y Ariana aprendieron en sus años en ZAMORANO y específicamente en su clase de Sistemas Agroforestales, ellas estarán estableciendo un banco forrajero para el ganado lechero.

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