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3 April, 2017
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20 April, 2017

United States: Assessing and Preserving Insect Biodiversity


I am Bryan Leonardo Guevara Larrea, student from the Department of Environment and Development at ZAMORANO. My internship is at the Entomology Laboratory in the Department of Plants and Soil Science at Texas Tech University. This laboratory leads several projects focused on evaluating agricultural entomology and establishing conservation measures for insect biodiversity.

I support an insect pollinator research project in order to develop strategies to restore their habitats. Several years ago, the pollinator habitat has been threatened by overuse of pesticides, agricultural intensification and changes in land use. These factors have affected the wild floral biodiversity and reduced the population of native pollinators.

I analyze how the abundance and diversity of natural resources are related to the size of bees in different agro ecosystems. Once this relationship is determined, the results will help prepare an improvement plan for pollinator habitats in the Texan high plains.

My work also involves planting wildflower seeds, processing laboratory samples, and assisting in the teaching of introductory seminars at the Entomology Laboratory.

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