Guatemala: Diagnosis of Surface Water Quality of Microwatersheds
20 April, 2017
United States: Researching Natural Resources and Water Quality at Kansas State University
2 May, 2017

United States: Environmental Awareness through Bird Research

I am Maria José Oviedo of the Department of Environment and Development. I’m doing my internship at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in New York, USA. This is a non-profit institution and world leader in the study, appreciation and conservation of birds. I am part of the BirdSleuth team, which is in charge of developing classroom educational materials from kindergarten through 12th grade working to link young people to bird research.

The internship has two main objectives: to immerse myself in everything that has to do with educational material and to replicate educational workshops aimed at educators in Latin America. During this time I have been developing different skills, translating educational material for Latin America, collaborating in the selection of grant recipients, validating surveys, among other activities.

It has been wonderful to have the experience of entering a new culture where invaluable scientific research is done. Knowing how environmental and social factors intersect to get people to develop an environmental awareness has been enriching.

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