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10 April, 2017
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20 April, 2017

Guatemala: Diagnosis of Surface Water Quality of Microwatersheds

Jennifer Portillo

I am Jennifer Portillo Vásquez, student of the Department of Environment and Development. My internship is in San Marcos, Guatemala, with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). I work as part of the Comprehensive Rural Development Program – Alto Cuilco, which seeks to diagnose the state of the Chixal micro basins in the municipality of Comitancillo and Xolabaj in the municipality of Tejutla. This project will determine the water erosion of these basins and assistance will be provided in the implementation of soil and forest conservation plans.

My focus is on information gathering. I analyze the livelihoods of the population, perform soil sampling, calculate coordinates and obtain precipitation data. All this information will be analyzed through graphs, maps, tables and images. I will end my participation presenting a final report of my study.

The opportunity to work with FAO became my first door to the professional world. I deeply admire this organization for the kind of work it does and the dedicated staff it hires. My internship is a challenge and I enjoy it immensely.


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