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11 May, 2017
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Brazil: lyophilization of tropical fruits and the ionic gelification

My name is Danny Patiño, a student of the Department of Food Agroindustry. I am doing an internship at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), in Brazil, under the supervision of Dr. Ana Prata of the Food Innovation Department. My job is to collaborate with postgraduate research projects where equipment such as spray dryer, fluidized leito and the spectrophotometer are used in subjects such as lyophilization of tropical fruits, ionic gelation and the encapsulation of bioactive agents.

This internship was also an opportunity to develop my undergraduate thesis, which deals with how to create strategies that allow the application of hydrocolloid particles into food development. I prepared an article about gelling agents and natural thickeners published on the UNICAMP website. This internship has been a very enriching experience at a professional and cultural level.

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