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12 May, 2017
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Chile: Renewable Energy in Agriculture

Students Henry Gonzalez and Suany Zepeda, from the Department of Environment and Development, completed their internship at the University of Chile. They did research in the areas of agricultural and aquacultural production, use of renewable resources and environmental management.

Henry was directly involved in the Environmental Sciences Research Laboratory (LARES, for its Spanish name). His activities were focused on the monitoring of climatological variables of the metropolitan region, processing demographic data, and generating cartography. In addition to fulfilling his practical responsibilities, Henry attended classes on renewable energy, statistics and soil, which were taught by experts in those fields.

Suany collaborated with the project Unconventional Renewable Energies (ERNC, for its name in Spanish) that seeks to benefit small producers in the metropolitan region. These producers can take advantage of the soil to generate photovoltaic energy without losing the essence of agriculture. The project will compensate up to 30% of the energy consumption of each farmer through a system that can be installed in isolated areas or close to electric transmission lines.

By participating in scientific research for the sustainable development of Chile, Henry and Suany also appreciated the culture of a country that in recent decades has become one of the fastest growing economies in the region, according to reports from the World Bank.


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