12 July, 2017
Pan-American Festival 2017: History and Culture
6 September, 2017

Revisiting ZAMORANO 75 Years Later was a success

In the commemorative events Revisiting ZAMORANO 75 Years Later, the bonds of brotherhood of ZAMORANO graduates throughout history were manifested in a very emotional way. Alumni from major classes such as Eric Halsall, class 46, and José Oset, class 52, were outstanding figures during the week and became a source of pride for the other classes present. The legacy of Samuel Zemurray is still alive.   ZAMORANO continues to be a home where the dreams of many young people in Latin America gain strength and become reality. Our graduates are proof of this. We thank all those who have been part of this great work since 1942

A Welcome Cocktail at the National Identity Museum in Tegucigalpa kicked off the celebrations 

The cocktail night was a delightful evening for the graduates who were reunited for the first time. Dr. Jeffrey Lansdale, ZAMORANO President, thanked the Graduate Association of the Pan-American Agricultural School (AGEAP, for its name in Spanish) for organizing the commemorative events that brought together classes from different eras. Dr. Lansdale also shared about the most important events of ZAMORANO throughout history and how we will now become a university that will confer graduate degrees beginning of next year in 2018.

ZAMORANO graduates shared their professional experiences in Technical Conferences

During the Technical Conferences, the ZAMORANO professionals shared their recent experiences in the market, industry, academia, and agricultural production, a good way to keep up with current affairs. The topics were varied and relevant. Among the speakers and their topics were: New Advances in Precision Agriculture by Dr. Juan Mayta, Challenges of Climate Change and Agriculture by Dr. Ana Ríos, The Use of Bio-stimulants and their Industry in Latin America by Ing. Álvaro Botero, Consistency: A Challenge in the Coffee World by MBA Diana Osorto, Current Situation and Trends in the World Production of Milk by BS. Jaime Maradiaga, and The State of Biological Control in Greenhouses by Dr. Luis Cañas. Additionally, Dr. Ian Zelaya, ZAMORANO faculty, took the opportunity to present to the public the new master’s program that ZAMORANO will be launching in the Fall of 2018.

Quizás le interese:  From Sam and Claire Cabot, longtime supporters of Zamorano’s Annual Scholarship Fund who have also chosen to support the Zamorano COVID-19 Response Fund.

Open House

On ZAMORANO’s Open House day, there was no shortage of fraternal embraces with slaps on the back, jokes and laughter – as in the old days – or the amazed looks at how different ZAMORANO looks after 10, 20 or even 70 years since they paraded to the graduation stage. Graduates from older generations who had never visited the campus after graduation, fixed their eyes on specific campus spaces as if travelling back in time to the days when they were students. The graduates returned to their home away from home and reconnected with their alma mater, making the week of celebrations a success.


After a field day at the university, visitors were able to return to their hotels, relax, and prepare for the special party night prepared by AGEAP where the focus of the celebration was the gift that ZAMORANO represents: a cradle that nourishes professionals so they will go and serve the Americas and the world.

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