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Vestiges, landscapes, costumes, gastronomy, and language are just some of the things that tell us the story of where we come from. Knowing about the history of the first inhabitants of a place, their culture, their economy gives us a glimpse into the different worlds from where ZAMORANO students come from. In our Pan-American Festival 2017, ZAMORANO students showed the spirit of the country they carry in their hearts.

The Pan-American Festival brought together families from various parts of the country, diplomatic delegations and tourists who were briefly visiting Honduras. Our visitors took the opportunity to spend a special time among friends savouring delicious meals and having fun with the dance shows, musical presentations, a theatrical act and the different recreational activities available that day.


Cultural heritage is expressed in a particular way in food. The type of food that we consume tells us more about who we are and where we come from.  The food from a certain culture carries with it an emotional connection to our place of origin and our families. In this Pan-American Festival students shared the food that has fed them and their families.

This was the delicious menu visitors delighted in:

  • México

Cakes, Gringas, y Tacos

  • El Salvador

Pupusas and Horchata

  • Panama

Rice with chicken, Plantains in temptation, Fair salad, and Chica with orange and pineapple

  • Peru

Ceviche, Cau-cau, Aji of Gallina, and Causa

  • Nicaragua

Pork with cassava and salad, Double quesillos, and Cacao juice

  • Colombia

Egg Arepa, Meat Empanada, Carimañola Cheese, Ajiaco, Guandolo, and Colombian Sweets

  • Bolivia

Salteñas, chola sandwich, and cheese empanadas

  • Guatemala

Stuffed, Paches, Mole, Chuchitos, Shucos, and Arroz en leche

  • Ecuador

Pig sandwich

  • República Dominicana

Pastelón, Patacones, Spaguettis, Salami, Perapiña Juice, Lemonade, and Arroz con leche

Dancing contest

Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Bolivia and Honduras presented dances representing their people with colorful and varied outfits. The winners of the dance contest were the Honduran students with their dances: Wandeti Nagueira, El Bananero, Tierra bella, Here I stay, Punta, Flores de Mimé, Polka corrida, La Peineta, and Somos para ti. This presentation was flooded with smiles and a sense of love for Honduras.

Theatrical Work: Assault at the Café

This was the first time that students presented a play written by a member of the ZAMORANO community, Professor Rafael Roque Flores.

Recreational activities

The recreational spaces were for all the members of the family, some activities were specially designed for the youngest members: such as a mini farm that housed several species of animals.

Thanks to all the people who sponsored this event, to the embassies that supported their fellow countrymen in their artistic presentations, to each member of the ZAMORANO family that contributed toward the conception, planning and the putting of this event into action. Thanks in a special way to the students who shared their traditions with us after long hours of practice. Thank you to each one of you!

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