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Funvallú: the immortal history of the indigenous

This week we present Funvallú (Umbra Valley Theme Park Foundation), an indigenous park located in the spectacular Umbrian Valley sheltered by beautiful mountains and numerous streams of the Department of Risaralda, Colombia. This place tells the immortal history of the Umbra people – that before the Spanish colony inhabited this area. The founder of this indigenous park is Álvaro Zuluaga, a Zamorano graduate of the class of 1969, who after 47 years returned to campus to join the 75th anniversary celebration and share his life experiences since his alma mater saw him depart.

After graduating from ZAMORANO, Álvaro returned to his homeland, Colombia, and dedicated himself to the meat industry for export, but after several years, he and his wife decided to move to the countryside, to enjoy nature and culture and start a park that today offers indigenous historical tours, ecological walks, boat and train rides, and cycling. Funvallú is a place that cultivates the appreciation for the nature and the cultural legacy of the indigenous ancestors in the tourists and students.

Knowing the traditions, ways of speaking, dressing and thinking can help improve multicultural relationships with others, especially with those from very different cultures. Ethnotourism opens the mind to human diversity and helps to uproot prejudices, fostering an atmosphere of peace in societies.

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