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10 October, 2017
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New frog species is discovered in the Uyuca Biological Reserve

Lithobates n.sp. Hond. Uyuca 14 III 2015

The official name of the new frog discovered in the Uyuca Biological Reserve (RBU) is Lenca frog and its largest population is found in a lagoon located on the site.

It is a species with a lot of variability in its coloration and therefore it was assumed that it was a hybrid between a Pacific species and another that is on the Atlantic slope, but a genetic examination revealed that the species are different. They are also smaller, but can present coloration patterns that the two neighboring species share.

Most of the specimens studied come from the Uyuca Biological Reserve, but they are also known in a couple of points in Intibucá. The species is not currently threatened, but its distribution is only favorable in the heights and in proximity to permanent ponds that are free of fish. Thanks to these ecosystems, species such as the Lenca frog live in Honduras

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