Lithobates n.sp. Hond. Uyuca 14 III 2015
New frog species is discovered in the Uyuca Biological Reserve
29 January, 2018
Cooperation agreement for teacher strengthening
23 February, 2018

An agreement to fulfill the dreams of promising youth in Honduras


Committed to educational quality, ZAMORANO and Ficohsa have signed an agreement that provides an opportunity for Honduran students with academic excellence to achieve their educational goals with quality and competitiveness in the agribusiness career.

Ficohsa is renewing the agreement for the second time as part of its constant support to education, granting two full scholarships for a period of four years. 75% of the scholarship is granted by Ficohsa and the remaining 25% granted by ZAMORANO, representing up to date an investment of 4.3 million Lempiras.

With this partnership, both institutions come together to generate a positive impact on Honduran youth, providing the necessary tools for young people to face the challenges of sustainable development of the country.

You can see the picture gallery here:Convenio ZAMORANO - Ficohsa

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