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23 February, 2018
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4 April, 2018

Smith-Falck the place you must visit

Thanks to the generosity of Rick Falck and his wife, Nicky Smith-Falck (members of the ZAMORANO Board of Trustees), the Smith-Falck Student Center was opened in 2011, a leisure and study space for students. However, over time the center was requiring a surge of energy and a touch of modernity. Again, the Smith-Falck spouses contributed to make the place come alive and more dynamic. This March, employees and volunteers reopened the entertainment place that you should visit.

The building that houses this youth oriented space is an institutional icon because it is one of the most historic on campus. The formerly called Staff Residence Building housed hundreds of Zamorano mentors for more than six decades.

Now it is a place of gatherings, study and recreation. It has a cafe which honors an important figure of the student dining room: Leonel Martínez García, known by the community as Tigrito, who is very loved by generations of students. Coincidentally, Tigrito celebrates 40 years of working in the Doris Stone Dining Room this year.

In addition to the cafe where you will find delicious snacks ready to go, the Smith-Falck Student Center has a videogame screen and console, chess tables, a lounge space where students can study and take advantage of a quick connection to the Internet, a photocopying center and soon an ATM.

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