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4 September, 2017
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The most expensive coffee in the world produced by a Zamorano graduate

José Alfredo Escobar, graduate of the class of 2010 of the Socioeconomic Development and Environment department, stands out in the field of coffee for having produced the most expensive coffee in the world. Until recently the record price was 601.00 USD per pound, a record that was exceeded when the price was set at 5,001.50 USD per kilo of the Geisha variety that bears his name: José Alfredo Process Batch 227. This variety was the winner of the first place at the World Brewers Championship 2017 prepared by Chad Wang (from Taiwan) in Budapest.

The José Alfredo Process Batch 227 requires a particular process that resulted from the discovery of specific bacteria present in the farms of the company Ninety Plus Coffee. It was observed that the bacteria produced a unique flavor when added to Geisha coffee. Consequently, this bacteria was cultivated and applied in a controlled manner to focus and improve the impact on the fermentation process. Lot 227 is part of a series all of which, in different degrees, exhibit this unique flavor (information taken from the Coffee Review).

José Alfredo is currently the General Manager of Ninety Plus Coffee, which has one of its farms in Volcán, Panamá, where 100% Geisha coffee is produced. The fact that a Panamanian coffee has obtained the best price for coffee in the world is an opportunity for scientists, producers, public and private organizations to investigate how to improve production and processes and invest in the work of the coffee producers of our towns.

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