The Popenoe House opens its doors to the Zamorano community
4 April, 2018
USAID/ASHA support has helped the Zamorano community with construction on buildings around campus
13 April, 2018

Agreement to promote professional growth and contribution to development

ZAMORANO and the company, Grupo Central Agrícola (GCA), have joined efforts to promote the growth of professionals that contribute and provide agroindustrial development in Guatemala. GCA, adds value to the agricultural supply chain, and was founded by two Zamorano graduates: Rodolfo José Leiva Fajardo and Luis Eduardo de la Cruz Calderón. These entrepreneurs will generously support young Guatemalans in fulfilling the dream of studying at ZAMORANO.

Rodolfo José and Luis Eduardo have been important donors of the Endowment Fund for Agricultural Development of Guatemala (FDDAG) and in 2017, the creation of the Central Agricultural Endowment Fund was approved, which is a separate endowment fund. The assets will finance the Central Agricultural Scholarship program which will award scholarships to outstanding young people. GCA will be able to choose its fellows among the young people admitted and selected by ZAMORANO.

GCA currently has more than 18 Zamorano graduates working for their companies and for years has been developing collaborators who have formed their own companies. By deciding that a collaborator can already stand alone, he receives support to become an independent business man. Several graduates, owners of successful companies have left GCA. Additionally, this company accepts interns on their fourth and last year at Zamorano, hiring outstanding students when they graduate.

Through this agreement ZAMORANO and GCA are committed to taking advantage of the institutional resources they have to contribute to development of Guatemala, through the training of human resources with the latest technology and agricultural knowledge, as well as values, entrepreneurial techniques and Pan-Americanism. . It is expected that the example of these two graduates will be replicated in other companies in the region.

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