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12 April, 2018
ZAMORANO graduate wins the Walter Bushuk Award in the United States
2 May, 2018

USAID/ASHA support has helped the Zamorano community with construction on buildings around campus

Edificio Residencia Maya

In the first semester of 2018, the University presented to the Zamorano community and the Board of Trustees, the renovation of the Maya Apartments, located on campus, and the new water purification plant.

Edificio Residencia Maya

To attend to the campus need of more housing for teaching staff, administrative and their families, and a wider and safer water system for human consumption and irrigation throughout the University, ZAMORANO initiated actions to solve these needs with the help of the Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Mayan Apartments

Four “wings” of the former student residence were turned into 33 apartments for staff and their families, providing them with more security and comfort and encouraging positive interaction between the staff and the student body with the aid of USAID/ASHA. In addition, the apartments will serve to host students of the new master’s program that began on August 2018.

Dr. Jeffrey Lansdale, president of the University, comments: “One of the ways to attract the best teachers is by providing safe and comfortable housing on campus.” He expressed special thanks to USAID/ASHA who has supported the University, for the financing granted for ZAMORANO construction projects and especially for the help provided with the remodeling of the Maya Apartments. Fernando Cossich, director of USAID-Honduras explained, “What we do here is what we should be doing in the rest of the world”, referring to what his organization offers that impact on the education that ZAMORANO offers for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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The new water purification plant is part of the “Santa Inés – Uyuca” water project, co-financed by USAID/ASHA and ZAMORANO, which also consists of 7 km of pipelines, a storage tank and a pump house. This project will be completed and inaugurated before the end of 2018. The purification plant has also been carried out thanks to the support of Cornell University and the local non-governmental organization Agua para el Pueblo. This plant receives water from the Uyuca Biological Reserve and the Santa Inés Basin. Through processes that are friendly to the environment, it purifies the water and provides it to the entire campus.

The Department of Environment and Development has the responsibility to ensure that the plant offers learning opportunities for students to apply these practices in their countries of origin, as this is a low-cost alternative and its maintenance is done with local materials.

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