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13 April, 2018
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ZAMORANO graduate wins the Walter Bushuk Award in the United States

Before coming to ZAMORANO, José Bonilla was not sure he wanted to study agriculture, but studies in the area of food science aroused his interest. He managed to enroll thanks to the support of his family, especially his parents, who were determined that he should study at ZAMORANO.

José received a partial scholarship from the government of Honduras, through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to study at ZAMORANO.

“At 17, I was unable to see and measure the future impact that ZAMORANO would have in my life,” José declared.

ZAMORANO changes lives

At 24, José claims that ZAMORANO changed his life. “It is essentially the perseverance to work through learning by doing and having the ability to see and understand the impact and importance of what you are doing that motivates you and commits you to the job,” he explained. He applies this philosophy in his life because it helps him obtain results. For this young man, an education at ZAMORANO is about being effective, developing skills in time management through an intensive practical-academic program where he constantly prioritized and made decisions.

ZAMORANO provided José with the opportunity to carry out his internship at Purdue University, where he was exposed to cutting-edge research. Following his graduation, he received a research assistantship to pursue his graduate studies at Purdue. Currently, José is in his fourth year of doctoral studies in food science with a focus on food processing and technology development.

Dreams and aspirations came true for José Bonilla, who at his young age, was recognized with the Walter Bushuk Graduate Research Award in Cereal Protein Chemistry 2018 and achieved Second Place in the Agriculture and Biological Engineering Industrial and Research Annual Symposium 2018 by Purdue University.

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