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Daughter, mother, and public leader: Ana Marín, an inspiring Zamorano graduate

Ana Belén Marín is a ZAMORANO graduate from the class of 2007. She was born in Lacatunga, a province of Cotopaxi, Ecuador, where she remembers watching her mother fight for the rights of those most vulnerable in the population, who were involved in conflicts related to the use of natural resources in their country. Her mother’s motivation was not monetary, but rather helping out those in need. This inspired Ana to continue the social work that her mother had conducted for over 20 years. Currently, her work as daughter, mother, and public leader have made Ana an inspiring ZAMORANO graduate.

Family is a priority for Ana. Giving her little ones, José and Mateo, the care and attention they need is a challenge that she has taken very seriously and with joy, although one may think: how does she have time to do more? Skillfully, this young lady has managed to become an influential public leader in environmental issues at age 31.

After receiving her undergraduate degree from ZAMORANO, Ana wanted to focus her work on environmental issues, which she envisioned as a service to others. She began her professional career as an assistant at an environmental office, job that she held for three months. She then became head of the unit and a few months later, Ana was in charge of the whole environmental area in the prefecture of one of the provinces in Ecuador. Three years later, she was named director of her department in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. A few months after that, she went back to her province as Director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, which made her the first female director of her province. She was then promoted within the same institution to Under Secretary of Agriculture at the national level. A year ago, Ana became legislator of her department, having received the largest number of votes in the region. As a legislator, she works with the commission for international relations.

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In her different capacities, Ana has participated in several conferences focused on sustainable production and climate change. As a legislator, she contributes to the creation of laws targeted to benefit vulnerable citizens, fight against domestic violence, work towards an effective economy, and protect families, which are the core of society. Since her childhood, Ana would speak of wanting to do something for her country and now, her dream is to become President of Ecuador.

Ana has been able to keep a balance between her role as a mother serving her family and the demanding task of serving a whole province by watching over their environmental resources. Her versatility and ability to adapt to the different facets and challenges that she must face as a woman are a token of the character that ZAMORANO forges in its students.


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